Who Should

Inclusive Careers Fair welcomes a diverse range of participants, from job seekers to business leaders, all united by a common interest in fostering inclusive work environments.

Here’s who should consider attending

Job Seekers of
All Backgrounds

Individuals looking for opportunities in companies that value diversity and inclusion, including LGBTQ+ individuals, differently-abled persons, racial and ethnic minorities, neurodivergent individuals, and women, all looking for inclusive employers

Student Groups and
Recent Graduates

Individuals interested in internship or career entry opportunities who are interested in companies that champion diversity and inclusion

Professionals in
Any Career Stage

Individuals in any stage of their career journey who are interested in understanding more about inclusive workplace culture can benefit from our panels and workshops, and also from speaking with representatives from any of the participating companies

Career Changers  

Professionals seeking to transition into industries or roles that are more aligned with their values on diversity and inclusion

Workforce Returnees

Individuals re-entering the professional job market after an extended period away for various reasons

Attendees can expect to meet with

Human Resource Professionals

HR staff responsible for recruiting, training, and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce


Talent acquisition professionals looking to diversify their candidate pools and implement equitable hiring practices

Diversity and Inclusion Officers

Specialists dedicated to fostering an inclusive corporate culture that embraces people from all backgrounds, including sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural and neurological diversity

Senior Executives
and Managers

Leaders and decision-makers who can drive change and encourage company culture that embraces diversity and inclusion within their workplaces, ensuring representation and equity at all levels

Employee Resource
Group Members

Active participants in ERGs interested in championing the interests of under-represented people and enhancing their impact within their companies

Industry Practitioners

Panel speakers and workshop facilitators with expertise in supporting diverse talent and inclusive workplace cultures

The Inclusive Careers Fair offers a unique opportunity for all these participants to come together for meaningful interactions, thoughtful conversations and creation of opportunities.

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