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The Inclusive Careers Fair Visitor Guide

Learn How to Ace The Inclusive Careers Fair with our Visitor Guide brought to you by Standard Chartered Bank Singapore.

Welcome to our Inclusive Careers Fair where we invite you to open up your circles. We have assembled some of Singapore’s most inclusive organisations, for a day that promises to be eye-opening, soul searching and ultimately, fruitful in helping you create opportunities for yourself.

This guide is your go-to resource for making the most of the Inclusive Careers Fair. Find an employer who shares your commitment to a workplace where everyone belongs and align your values with your career today!

Inclusive Careers Fair
17 June 2023


Doors Open!

10am to 11am

Confidence Class : Rest Up

Join Susie Justus, Clinical Concierge Specialist from ResMed as they test your sleep knowledge, illustrate the science behind the wonders of a good sleep and introduce you to Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB), including the signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea (laughs guaranteed).


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11am to 12pm

Confidence Class : Brand Up

LinkedIn’s social media platform is a necessary part of professional networking and career development. Discover how to rock your LinkedIn profile. Learn how to build your personal brand and get noticed by recruiters.

Presented by: Linkedin

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11am to 12pm

Conversation Circle: Same same but Different

Our panellists will discuss the importance of communities, self-empowerment, and the spirit of inclusion as the foundation of a diverse society. Watch them explore what it means to be ‘different’ and how their lived experiences have contributed to their opinions on the subject.

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12pm to 1pm

Confidence Class : Power Up

Boost your next interview with tips on how to create a captivating narrative. Go get that next interview!

Presented by: Expedia Group

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1pm to 2pm

Confidence Class : Speak Up

Learn breathing and articulation exercises taught to actors and professional speakers, enabling you to connect with others and to feel vocally vibrant.

Conducted by: Petrina Kow, Voice, Accents and Presentation Coach

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2pm to 3pm

Conversation Circle: Is diversity and inclusion a double-edged sword?

Change is hard, and organisations inevitably face challenges pushing for a more inclusive workplace culture. Our panel of business leaders will share what a truly inclusive organisation feels like and looks like to them. They’ll tell us how they balance fairness and belonging amongst various groups in an organisation.

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3pm to 4pm

Confidence Class : Show Up

Show up confidently with your 'elevator pitch' anywhere, anytime. This class will help you sharpen that important first impression.

PRESENTED BY: foodpanda

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4pm to 5pm

Confidence Class : Team Up

Get a better understanding of the roots of your identity, the meaning of what we pay attention to and our preferences, how we communicate, make decisions, and build connections with others.

Conducted by: Agata Mathiasen, Career Coach, Aperian Global

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